If So, Than You Know THE TRUTH!!

Which is, that the REAL INSURRECTION was propagated by the very people who work in that building. That BLM and ANTIFA were not only PAID to be there BY THEM but they were also bused in. Furthermore, there were people on the INSIDE who opened the doors and led them in, along with film crews and a plan to hi-jack what was absolutely a day of PEACEFUL protesting, speaking out about GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION and YES, THE GREAT ELECTION FRAUD of 2020!

If you were there, I don't need to tell you how amazing it was. How there were people of all ages, creeds and colors. From young to old, black, white, asian, straight, gay, whatever .. shit, people even brought their kids and dogs .. it was truly a beautiful expression of love and concern for not just America but for FREEDOM .. PERIOD!

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So, if you were there (and even if you weren't) and want to stand up to tyranny, here's a t-shirt to wear it proudly!

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